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The 6able Idea assessment compass: Guiding founders to startup success

As the entrepreneurial spirit continues to flourish, the world witnesses a plethora of innovative ideas surfacing every day. While enthusiasm and passion are essential components of a startup journey, not every idea is destined for success. How can founders assess their business idea? To mitigate risks and maximize chances of triumph, entrepreneurs need a reliable compass that can help them assess their ideas before diving headfirst into building a startup. In this blog, we introduce an idea assessment compass called "The 6able Idea assessment compass" that can empower aspiring entrepreneurs to make informed decisions, identify potential pitfalls, and lay the foundation for a successful venture.

Understanding the 6able idea assessment compass: The 6able Idea assessment compass is a structured evaluation methodology designed to analyze startup ideas objectively. It encompasses various crucial aspects that can bring more clarity and practicality of implementation of an idea. By following this compass, entrepreneurs can save valuable time, resources, and energy by testing their ideas rigorously before committing to full-scale development.

The Key Components of the 6able idea assessment compass:

  • Desirability: Does anyone care or want it? Who is the customer? What is the pain, problem or opportunity? Can we put a cost to the pain?

  • Feasibility: What do we build? What exactly is the product or service? What is the form factor and technology? What are the risks involved?

  • Capability: Can we build it? Do we have necessary competence & skills? Can we get right people and build a team? Can we sustain it?

  • Viability: How do we make money? How do we make money? How big is the market opportunity? What’s our go-to-market?

  • Defensibility: Why us and why now? What's our unique insight or advantage? What market moats can we build? Why is now the best time to build?

  • Scalability: How big can this become? Whats the market size? What's our possible market share? How scalable is this?

How does it benefit Entrepreneurs?

Risk Mitigation: By conducting a comprehensive assessment, founders can identify potential risks and challenges early in the process. This helps them make informed decisions, pivot if necessary, and avoid costly mistakes in the later stages of development.

Resource Optimization: The framework enables entrepreneurs to prioritize their efforts and allocate resources efficiently. It prevents wasting time and money on ideas that may not have a customer need, viable market or are not scalable.

Increased Investor Confidence: For startups seeking funding, a well-structured assessment adds credibility. Investors are more likely to invest in ventures backed by solid research and a clear roadmap for success.

Enhanced Focus and Clarity: Assessing an idea systematically helps entrepreneurs gain a clearer vision of their goals and how to achieve them. This focus is invaluable during the challenging early stages of a startup.

As the startup landscape becomes increasingly competitive, a robust Idea assessment compass of sorts becomes the cornerstone of building a successful venture. This is our attempt at helping the founder community in doing an objective analysis of their business idea better. By systematically evaluating their ideas, founders and entrepreneurs can make informed decisions, increase their chances of success, and chart a path to sustainable growth. Embracing this framework empowers them to navigate the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship with confidence and resilience, ultimately setting them for success by realizing their vision of a thriving startup.

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