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Top 5 Small Business Ideas for 2022

2022 had been a peculiar year from the very beginning. Owing to the drastic abatement in the Covid-19 cases, it is not entirely possible to associate the year with the rest of the pandemic-hit ones. But, the year is also one that suffered from the continued pandemic in that businesses and households still felt its effect. In such a complexly built year, it is imperative for any entrepreneur looking to engage in new business to move forward with the right business ideas and plans. Today, Gigapreneur has brought home some tailor-made ideas on small businesses that best suit the year 2022.

Online Retail Stores:

Online retail stores can be described as those online commercial transactions where the consumers receive goods and services directly from a seller on the internet instead of engaging in a traditional physical model of commerce involving tangible stores. The demand for such online retail services is at one of its highest points in 2022. The surge experienced during the pandemic is yet to lull and is, in fact, expected to maintain its momentum. With larger entities like Swiggy expanding to accommodate online retail stores into their mainstream service, the model is likely to get echoed across different strata. People are on the lookout for similar services, thus creating large openings for entrepreneurs to step into. If efficiently tapped into the local population with at least a satisfactory level of service, new businesses can successfully fit the shoes. This is not to mention the need for immaculate coordination that the field requires. Once these criteria are met, online retail stores are likely to be the most tempting in 2022.


2022 seems extremely welcoming to the idea of online education startups. When the pandemic arrived, education was an area that went to a complete standstill. Even as there was utter confusion on how things might go for the students worldwide at the beginning, solutions did appear soon enough in the form of online education apps. Byju’s, Coursera, edX, Udemy, Vedantu and a lot more gained traction. However, neither the presence of these large companies nor what is largely assumed as the end of the pandemic do not rule out the opportunity for smaller on-coming businesses. This is due to two main reasons: one, a lot of students have been introduced to the convenience of remote learning during the pandemic. Even as the schools reopen, a larger portion of them will be inclined to continue rooting their supplementary instructions on such e-learning apps. Moreover, the rise in e-learning has also given rise to demands for customised apps that provide lessons on the localised syllabus. Large e-learning platforms, owing to the need to universalise their service, can often fall short of this demand. It is at this point that smaller platforms for remote education gain their relevance.

Disposable Cutlery:

Disposable cutlery is a boiling hot business to enter into the year 2022 due to three major reasons. One, the pandemic has introduced a whole different sanitation culture across the world. The idea of ‘sharing is caring’ is possibly replaced by the phrase ‘health first!’. People are hesitant to reuse cutleries, even if properly sanitised, citing the same anxiety about ill-health. This has prompted the increased use of disposable cutleries in work and recreational spaces. This scenario is expected to remain so for a longer-term, considering the omnipresent threat of another breakout. Two, disposable cutlery is an accompanying characteristic of the thriving order-in culture that marks today’s world. Three, the rising worry about climate change has caused a widespread ban on plastic cutleries that were, otherwise, in widespread use some few years ago. When this situation got combined with the worry about sanitation, most services shifted to using disposable cutleries. These factors have brought disposable cutleries to be in a high and persisting demand.

Packing Services:

The Packaging industry has always been a visible arena. But with the advent of the pandemic and online shopping eras, the demand for packing services has risen unprecedentedly. Most often, the businesses do not have dedicated departments for packing. Instead, the service is often subcontracted to outside companies. One part of the success in the packaging industry lies in efficiently tapping into these businesses. Converting the service into online mode can help with the reach of the business. However, it is also imperative to identify the right sources of inexpensive and quality materials to earn a profit from this business.

Pet Care Products and Services:

During the lockdown, a lot of the population tried to battle loneliness and boredom by owning pets. However, it also required them to provide sufficient care for these pets, either in the form of tangible products or in the form of services, including daycare facilities. This need has directly incentivised the entry of entrepreneurs into the industry. Especially in 2022, with much of the workforce going back to the on-site mode of work, the industry is only expected to witness a rise in demand. Most of them are left with no option but to enrol their pets under the service of these pet care establishments. This will only be driven up by the recent humanisation of pets, where pets are increasingly being treated as part of the family. This ensures a growing market for high-quality products, including premium food, cleaning facilities, health and beauty care etc. Introducing high standard pet care service chains with the latest details and requirements is, therefore, one of the best means of stepping into entrepreneurship in 2022.


2022 is a year of hope. No matter the conflicting interests, the entire industrial and service industry are to make a comeback from the distressing pandemic years. With the right interest and idea, 2022 is also, therefore, the best time to step into entrepreneurship and business. Combine your right ideas with the relevant skill, knowledge, plan and preparation, and you know you have the very best business to look forward to. Good Luck!

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